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Parcel Negotiation: Our core service is global parcel negotiation — EMEA/APAC-based savings, as well as U.S. and Canada-based savings. With over 80 years of cumulative experience on both sides of the table, our Fortune 100 clients typically see a 3%-10% cost reduction, with smaller shippers typically achieving 10%-20% savings.
Audit & Recovery Services: Alexandretta provides global freight audit and recovery services for over 3000 carriers across all modes of transportation globally, via an easy-to-use, customized, cloud-based portal.
Data Analytics & Finance Tools: We provide best-in-class business intelligence tools that provide trend and historical dashboards, as well as heat maps and over 700 reports optimizing supply chain performance. Finance tools provide claims management, report scheduling, GL coding and cost allocation by business unit.
LTL/TL, Ocean & Air Negotiations: Our experts review and uncover cost reduction and cost avoidance opportunities, which can increase savings and pro ts similar to what we see in our parcel negotiations.