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Company Capabilities

Core Competencies

PALCO specializes in post-sales support services technology that enables our clients to optimize efficiencies, improve profitability, and deliver exceptional customer experience.  In short, we provide a comprehensive, end-to-end approach to post-sales service, supporting a multi-vendor network of products in 87 countries around the globe.  

The challenge for most customers is in identifying and retaining the correct skill-sets, processes, technology, and systems to create an optimized solution to support their post-sales support business objectives. The variability alone can make post-sales support an expensive proposition.   

PALCO eliminates the complexity of managing silos and becomes a single point for our customers; we leverage our 30+ years of experience to bring efficiency to the most challenging global accounts.  PALCO also develops, implements, and manages the entire post-sales support strategy using our signature approach, which helps you achieve long-term business goals while reducing risk and lowering total overall costs.   

PALCO supports global companies with revenue as high as $37B, providing their total post-sales support solutions.  We also facilitate the implementation of cutting-edge solutions, synchronized to your business objectives and timelines.  Additionally, PALCO can provide regional, national, or global service deployment strategy maps, with recommended methodology optimization in support of your business.  Our signature approach provides consistent processes to guarantee supply chain predictability.  To learn how PALCO’s post-sales services can better support your most demanding mission critical service agreements, contact us today! 

Life-Cycle Management  


Outsourcing your Life-Cycle Management and spare parts logistics enables you to focus on your business and core competencies.  From our client’s service team’s perspective, End-of-Life only indicates the point in the Life-Cycle at which the product is no longer manufactured.  It also reflects the largest volume of the product in the deployed base since the release of the product.  End-of-Life and End-of-Service are two entirely different milestones in the product life-cycle.   


As an end-user, you do not want to incur costs due to the OEMs product road-map.  Customers require continued product support long after the product is no longer available to purchase.  To address this, PALCO supports a product from its conception, through design and manufacture, to service and disposal.  This methodology helps in achieving the maximum return on the initial investment made in the technology asset, and establishes a path to recover residual value, which can be reinvested into the next generation of technology.  To learn how PALCO’s Life-Cycle Management services can better support your most demanding mission critical service agreements, contact us today! 


Asset Recovery 


PALCO’s product solutions differentiate us from our competitors by offering support for all phases of the product lifecycle. Asset Recovery Services are custom-designed using our returns analytics, to provide product processing alternatives that reduce processing costs and maximize profits. To learn how PALCO’s Asset Recovery services can better support your most demanding mission critical service agreements, contact us today! 


Logistic Services 

PALCO’s Logistics operations encapsulates all facets of operations associated with inventory management:  


• Inventory Spares Management  

• Advanced Exchange 

• Life Cycle Management 

• RMA Management 

• Warranty Management 

• Vendor Managed Inventory 

• Firmware and Software Upgrades 

• Configure to Order 

• Kitting  

• Sequencing  

• Sorting  

• Quality Inspection  

• Fulfillment and Distribution Bar-Coding 

• Packaging 

• Screening   

• Integration and Assembly 

• Disassembly and Re-Packaging / Relabeling 

• Custom Disposition 

• Cross Docking 

• Real Time Visibility of Inventory 

• Inventory Planning and Management 

• Serial Number Registration 

• MAC Address Capturing, Cloning, and Setting 

• Technical Services 

• IP Configuration 


Technical Services – Post-Sales / After Market Services 

PALCO is redefining possible, with innovative Post-Sales Supply Chain Solutions and cutting-edge capabilities.  PALCO’s professionals also specialize in utilizing a best-of-breed approach that combines existing processes, developed via innovation and exhaustive research in our support of many Fortune 500 companies, with tailored process models to deliver a best-in-class post-sells customer experience.  To learn how PALCO’s Post-Sales Technical services can better support your most demanding mission critical service agreements, contact us today! 

Value Proposition

PALCO employs a collaborative approach assisting our customers:
* Optimize their businesses by prioritizing challenges and aligning Reverse Logistics Support models to
realize their operational objectives.
* Achieve long-term business goals while reducing risks and lowering total overall costs.
* Facilitate the implementation of solutions synchronized to their business objectives and timelines.


PALCO’s global service deployment strategy maps, supports, and recommends optimized methodologies to our customers. Our approach assures consistent global processes to assure supply chain predictability.
PALCO’s quality management system has been ISO-9001 certified by Underwriters Laboratories since 1998 and TL9000 since 2005.