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Company Capabilities

Core Competencies

PALCO is redefining the Reverse Logistics industry with innovative solutions and cutting-edge capabilities. Our professionals specialize in transforming the increasingly complex Reverse Logistics processes into a competitive advantage for our clients. PALCO uses a best-of-breed approach utilizing existing processes developed via exhaustive research and innovation, in addition to injecting tailored process models from around the industry. Through this process, we are able to deliver best-in-class Reverse Logistics performance today, as well as a scalable model to meet the demands of tomorrow.

Value Proposition

PALCO employs a collaborative approach assisting our customers:
* Optimize their businesses by prioritizing challenges and aligning Reverse Logistics Support models to
realize their operational objectives.
* Achieve long-term business goals while reducing risks and lowering total overall costs.
* Facilitate the implementation of solutions synchronized to their business objectives and timelines.


PALCO’s global service deployment strategy maps, supports, and recommends optimized methodologies to our customers. Our approach assures consistent global processes to assure supply chain predictability.
PALCO’s quality management system has been ISO-9001 certified by Underwriters Laboratories since 1998 and TL9000 since 2005.