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Company Capabilities

Core Competencies

Founded in November 1998 to provide an unprecedented level of protection, Safe Haven continues to lead the way in the fabrication of protective building systems. Safe Haven manufactures fire resistant building, doors, windows, louvers, and modular units. Our products are used across industries and locations to ensure safety.

Value Proposition

The need for safety and security has reached heightened levels worldwide. We are a complete, rapid deployment, turn-key manufacturer providing hardened products for any application where protection is required for personnel or equipment. Safe Haven Enterprises services a wide variety of clients including government, private industries, oil and petrochemical, and private security.


SafeHaven has built a reputation for knowledge, industry experience, quality, reliability and customer service for over 15 years. SafeHaven’s products, the manufacturing of which is overseen by personnel with US ‘Top Secret’ clearance, have been field tested since 2003 and have saved the lives of individuals in dangerous environments, including direct RPG attacks, Petrochemical Plant Explosions, and Hurricane-Strength weather conditions.