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Company Capabilities

Core Competencies

Creative Mechanical Sourcing, LLC (CMS) was formed to meet the demands of a changing business climate. As customer's today search for a source of supply for their operations, the ability to provide an experienced, qualified, and dedicated organization focused on their needs is essential.
With over 50+ years experience in parts and service by the partners, excellent customer service in mind, and structured with minimal overhead, we are uniquely positioned to offer our customers the service they deserve at a cost they can afford!

Value Proposition

At Creative Mechanical Sourcing, our goal is to continually meet the needs of our customers. We realize that when a call comes in we must react in a timely manner to do so. Often customers settle on products and services, not taking into consideration the quality of what’s provided or cost.
We at CMS strive to achieve and deliver the best of both worlds tailored to the customer’s request. Why settle. We offer to our customers choices of either OEM and/or aftermarket parts, all manufactured with quality and reliability in mind to meet the specific requirement.


The mission of Creative Mechanical Sourcing, is to become the Global leader in Sales and Service Parts Supply for engines, compressors, generators, pumps and their associated components. It is the intent of Creative Mechanical Sourcing to provide its customers with the finest quality of products, service support, and people in all aspects of our business