Products and Services



Company Capabilities

Core Competencies

Cembell is committed to providing both our clients and employees with a safe work environment. We utilize a full-time safety inspector both in the shop and field. We are built on SAFETY, QUALITY, and TEAMWORK.  

Value Proposition

We can Blind, Extract, Transport, Clean, Inspect and Repair your bundles and pressure vessels. By offering this range of services our customers now only need to one focal point and one purchase order to handle all their TAR needs. Moreover, by bringing your bundles to our shop we remove the liability, high cost, and delays associated with equipment handling and high pressure hydro blasting in the field. 


Our knowledgeable sales staff are constantly on-site to assist our clients:

•  Take field measurements for accurate dimensions and fabrication

 •  Make drawings in the field for structural, piping, and other needs

 •  Pick-up and review drawings with clients

 •  Help plan and implement jobs