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Penny Wing and Summer Sepulveda

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Penny Wing is an industry veteran and serial entrepreneur 37 years in the global events and travel industry. Over that time she has been designing and coordinating global events, Penny has started and sold three incentive travel companies.
▪ Coordinated over 1,000 programs for 120,000 people for multiple clients including IBM, CBS, and the White House
▪ Success in taking over 30,000 people to global destinations
▪ Experience in managing large events including a $30 Mil program budget and takes pride in the fact she has never gone over budget for any customer
▪ Traveled to and planned programs in 102 companies
▪ Successfully designed programs attended by multiple CEOs of Fortune 100 companies including CBS, IBM, Paramount Studios with President Bill Clinton attending a program while in office
▪ Started and sold three Incentive Travel Companies including one that was $120 Million in revenue
▪ Sat on Industry Group Boards for over 10 years including Advisory Boards

Summer Sepulveda
Vice President

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Seasoned marketing, event and supplier diversity professional that enjoys outdoor adventures and snowboarding!
▪ Designed and planned events/programs for over 14 years
▪ Created, designed and managed over a dozen festivals, concerts and programs for over 100,000+ people
▪ Conceptualized and launched over 20 innovative programs that directly impacted over 10,000 small businesses
▪ Coordinated and managed over 20,000 introductions between small and diverse businesses and corporations including Apple, Disney, Macy's / Bloomingdales, Southern California Edison just to name a few.
▪ Worked for 6 years as a Supplier Diversity Professional

Penny Wing Industry Awards
Site Crystal Award Winner - 11 times 1996-2013

2000 - Best Trip Delivery 2001 - 1st Place Best Trip Delivery 2002 - Most Outstanding Incentive Program 2003 - Most Outstanding Incentive Program 2004 - Most Outstanding Incentive Program 2005 - Most Outstanding Incentive Program 2006 - Most Creative Incentive Program 2013 - Most Outstanding Incentive Program