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When you have a question that needs answering, you're not just looking for pie charts and percentages. You're looking for insights that mean something. MDRG delivers actionable insights based on a deeper understanding of your brand and your customer.

We have a suite of tools at our fingertips curated to offer our clients the latest technology and thinking that the market research industry has to offer. 

Some of the methodologies we use to get deeper insights include:


Focus Groups

Online Communities


Facial Coding

Eye Tracking

Big Qual


Value Proposition

MDRG is a full service insights firm that delivers deeper meaning through WHOLE MIND Market Research – that’s research designed to understand both the conscious, rational thought processes of your customer and the non-conscious, emotion-based thought processes that make up more than 90% of consumer decision making.


At MDRG, we view the mind as our greatest asset, a tool we tap into on a conscious and non-conscious level. On the conscious level, we look at language-based ideas, how they move people and affect them. On the non-conscious level, we look at System 1 research methods to tap into the thoughts so ingrained your audience can’t even articulate them. The ones they can’t control and didn’t even know existed. Then, we combine those learnings to lead us toward a comprehensive solution that will steer you in the right direction.

We call this WHOLE MIND Market Research. Research that seeks to understand not just what consumers say, but how they feel and how that impacts what they will actually do.