Case Study


Case Study

Case Study

Branding on Paper Towel Dispenser Units


RL Williams a manufacturer and supplier of paper towels, hygiene and cleaning products to the food and beverage, healthcare, hospitality and industrial industry.  


RL Williams was outsourcing custom logo printing onto their towel dispensers to a third party pad printer.  This process had a long turn around time of up to 4 weeks with large minimums required.  RL Williams was looking to bring this service in house which would give them full control of faster turn around times and short run orders.  This also would enable sample printing for their reps to go out into the field to then turn around orders faster.  

Being new in the printing world, LogoJET provided a solution that included the UVx40R model with custom trays that fit all parts for easy production, along with template files in the RIP Software that matched.  LogoJET also provided an electronic proofing system to help their reps communicate the logo print location and colors before production, along with full training to their staff on printing and maintaining the printers.  

Offering customization empowers RL Williams to increase their customer base and provide an enhanced customer experience, which, then in turn helped them sell more paper products.  


Rob Williams - President