Case Study

Case Study

Asset Tagging 


Fresno Unified School District serves over 74,000 students in the entire Fresno, California School district of their I.T. and printing needs.  


Fresno Unified School District previously used a decal and manual laborous process to apply asset tagging to their tablets provided to the students.  The decals can easily be removed, therefore, Fresno Unified School District was seeking for an improved and permanent solution.  

LogoJET tested the Lenovo E8 Tablets and confirmed durable print results using our UV curable inks and the UVx40R model which fits up to 6 tablets per run.  A custom tray was then designed to house the tablets in the same position each time and streamlined production through the RIP Software with templates and variable data option that enabled bar coding for each unique tablet printed.  


Don Soyinthisane - IT Manager II Information Technology