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InnovatorsBox® is a DC-based education firm that empowers professionals by helping them unlock their creative strengths and fosters innovative thinking.

InnovatorsBox® Services:
(1) Workshops
(2) Consulting
(3) Speaking
(4) Facilitation
(5) Curriculum Development
InnovatorsBox® Products:
SPARK is a deck of thoughtful questions curated by InnovatorsBox - ready for you and your fiends to embark on your creative journey! Each question will challenge your assumption, defer judgment, and help you bring about an open mind.
Popular Programs:
(1) Mindful Play - Workshop
(2) Empathetic Meetings - Workshop
(3) Mind-Mapping with Creativity - Workshop/Consult
(4) Mindful Mondays - Series
(5) Unplug - Retreat
(6) I'm Possible - Series
"Monica and the Innovators Box team did a fantastic job making creativity something tangible and process driven. Their exercises got the group to bond together quickly, to come up with dozens of new ideas, and helped us re-examine what we could be capable of if we deliberately made creativity a part of our daily routine. The world is in desperate need of what their team has to offer!"
— Adam L. Hesch Associate Shift Manager, Global Security Operations Center, Facebook