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Monica Kang
Founder and CEO

(202) 256 - 0303
[email protected]
Monica Kang, founder and CEO of InnovatorsBox®, is rethinking creativity and redefining innovation in the workplace. As a creative educator, her deepest satisfactions come from seeing individuals’ untapped potentials and talents being unlocked with creativity.
She profoundly believes that creativity is not merely an ideation tool, but a very way of living. And at InnovatorsBox®, the only creative education firm that teaches creativity in a tangible, practical and relatable way, Monica empowers leaders by helping them understand, embrace and practice creativity in their daily routines, regardless of their industries or job titles. This is why, over 90% of participants have expressed that taking part in her programs have changed their lives.
"Somehow creativity seemed like an elusive skill, something that people are either born with or not. It is commonplace in my professional career, so either I get up to speed or get left behind. Thanks to Creative Jump the real challenge was shifting my paradigm a bit to view creativity as a mindset, something that we can build and strengthen over time. You just need to train it like anything else in life."
- Steven A. Rodriguez, Worldwide Startup Community Manager, Global Entrepreneurship Network

Awards & Recognition

- SCORE American Small Business Championship
- Emerging Young Entrepreneurs at National Minority Supplier Diversity Conference
- Ashoka American Express Emerging Innovators Bootcamp
- White House Nations of Makers movement
- Project 500 Initiative by the DC State Government and American University
- USPAACC Idea's Marketplace Finalist, only female presenter
- Fulbright Social Innovation Challenge Finalist, one of the selected four
- Washington DC' Best Techology Startup Timmy Award, First-Runner Up
- One of the 27 selected WeDC Ambassador at SXSW
- One of the 50 selected leaders to join American Express Leadership Academy Alumni Summit
- Featured as one of the Young Innovators at WeWork
- Won the DC Women Empower X Award
- Won the Next Gen Women Business Entity Award by WBENC
- Won the #TIGForHer Award by Technology Industry Group