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Company Capabilities

Core Competencies

Our niche is providing premium Toll Free and Long Distance service to companies with mission critical needs, high call volume and/or in-house or outsourced Contact Centers. With over 32 years in business, we have a rock-solid reputation. Under Deborah Ward’s strong leadership, our Executive team has been together for over 10 years.

Televergence is debt-free and nearly 70% of revenue is derived from high volume users. Televergence is 100% committed to protecting your brand and giving you the confidence to build a trusted relationship with us on your terms and timing. Our expertise and innovative service delivery model enables you to increase your diversity spend with the option to keep your existing carrier. We are an additional resource and valued partner to your IT Team; driving savings and results through innovation, best and next practices, in operations, compliance, disaster recovery and business continuity. 

Value Proposition

Saved International Broadcasting Center Customer 35% over AT&T

Improved uptime and call quality for Contact Center while saving them 55% on Long Distance & Toll Free

Increased profitability of a 500+ Seat Contact Center by teaching them how to improve customer experience, operational efficiencies, reducing call times and processing higher call volume

Immediate response in emergency situation: on-boarded 20,000 Toll Free numbers in less than 1 hour for new customer during a complete outage where they had been down for 3 days with their existing carrier

C-Level Account Management and customer service as a competitive advantage improves 500+ seat Contact Center’s Profitability

Reduced Cost by 50% & improved call quality for Healthcare Contact Center


Trusted Industry Leader: Services over 4.7M Toll Free numbers, which is 9% of total active numbers in the U.S.

Superior Network / Premium Call Quality: Network uptime of 99.999% in the last 5 years

Highly Innovative: Creating new methods to deliver service while adding layers of redundancy & business continuity

Expertise: In Contact Center operational efficiencies, improving customer experience, and regulatory compliance

Omnichannel Solutions: All-in-one Contact Center Software, cloud or on-premise, and bi-lingual BPO services

Direct Access: To C-Level Executives with immediate support from highly trained Televergence team members

Exceptional Service: Average customer retention exceeds 15 years, clearly proving Televergence is a valued partner

10-30% Savings: significant wholesale purchasing power with every Tier 1 Carrier which is passed on to you

No Risk & Ease of Implementation: Conversion requires minimal effort, time or resources. A simple paper change and exchange of IP addresses to try a small piece of business with Televergence while keeping your existing carrier