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Principals/Owners/Key Leadership Team

Deborah Ward


(213) 943-2011
[email protected]

Deb Ward is a well respected leader in the telecom space, providing strategic direction to various companies she has founded and managed since the early 80’s. Her Customer Service As A Competitive Advantage has earned her and the companies she has founded and managed an impeccable reputation. A critical factor in her long-term success strategy in this industry has been her unparalleled integrity and relationship skills with carriers, agents, and customers, and the direct market intel regarding unmet needs that these direct relationships have provided.

The first company she founded was TMS, a Pacific Bell Joint User in Southern California. In 1999, she founded Televergence to meet the needs of customers outside the Pacific Bell territory, reselling CLEC and long distance services nationally. Throughout the decades, Televergence has morphed to meet changing market trends, demands, needs, and opportunities.

Today, Televergence is a toll free and long distance provider for call centers and businesses.

David Deutsch


(213) 943-2012
[email protected]

David Deutsch has been Televergence’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) since March, 2011 and oversees the company’s strategic product and network development activities. David brings 16+ years of experience in system analysis, design, implementation and support of mission and business critical, high availability, transactional IT and telecom systems and a thorough understanding of High Availability, UNIX, and SAN Technologies. He is a strategic, outside-of-the-box problem solver who delivers cohesive solutions which leverage different technologies that address unique customer and business needs.

Hired to oversee the consolidation and virtualization of the Company’s US-based Data Centers, as well as forecasting the server infrastructure requirements, he created actionable plans that drove cost savings initiatives across midrange infrastructure.

With an extensive background in Cisco, Lucent, Sonus, ACME and Sansay; he maintains involvement in various open source projects and initiatives, keeping abreast of technological development(s).

Krisney Flory

Director of Business Development

[email protected]

Krisney joined Televergence in 2013 at an entry level position. Due to her dedication, drive and impeccable work ethic, Krisney’s role has continued to evolve and is now integral to daily operations. In her current role, she is responsible for building relationships and providing strategic direction for growth and success, focusing on relationships both internally with sales and marketing teams, as well as externally with vendors, distributors and customers.

Krisney assists with business plans and budgets, meeting coordination and communication between management and clients throughout the business implementation and execution stages. Her responsibilities also include customer engagement, sales and developmental training, marketing collateral, branding and social media. Krisney attends several trade shows, promoting the Televergence brand as well as adding valued input to company strategy.

Faith and family are big parts of Krisney’s life. When she's not hard at work or traveling the world on mission trips, she's at her favorite place – home on the river with her two beautiful children and supportive husband.